2017 Tops

It’s almost over y’all. We made it to the end of 2017. For all the bad/crazy/WTH, there were good moments too, yes? I don’t know about you, but I’m already marking up my 2018 planner. Action comes much easier than reflection for me, but in the spirit of action/reflection, here are some tops from 2017.

Top Blog Posts

I didn’t write nearly as many posts here as I have in past years but the posts I did publish were longer, more thoughtful, and felt much more ‘me.’ I’m ok with that. (and even proud of it)

#5 – ‘Thanks’ and attention aren’t enough

#4 – 9 self care encouragements for such a time as this

#3 – the intentionality of gentrification (an interview with Leroy Barber)

#2 – oreos + doing the best we can

#1 – autism scares me

Top Podcast Episodes

The Upside Down Podcast is just so much fun and I couldn’t be more excited that topics close to my heart are also the top two episodes of the year!

#5 – Episode 26 – Commitment to Celebration: Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith

#4 – Episode 22 – Social Media in an Upside Down World

#3 – Episode 25 – Spiritual Seasons and Transitions: Unscripted Conversations on Life and Faith

#2 – Episode 23 – Downward Mobility: What Is It? Is It Different from Minimalism & Simplicity? Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith

#1 – Episode 24: Gentrification: Unscripted Conversations on Life & Faith



There are six books in no particular order because I couldn’t narrow it down to just five. It should be noted that The Hate U Give is the first fiction book I have read in twenty years. It is Angie Thomas’ debut novel and it is PHENOMENAL. I think you should read all six of these.

How to Kill a City, by Peter Moskowitz

Not All of Us Are Saints, David Hilfiker, M.D.

The Soul Tells a Story, Vinita Hampton Wright

Barking to the Choir, Father Greg Boyle

Hallelujah Anyway, Anne Lamott

The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas

(ICYMI, I started an IG all about books. It’s so fun! Follow along here to see what the kids and I are reading!)

And just because it’s fun, my IG top nine:


Peace out 2017!

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