Essential What? {Guest post by Wynne Elder}

We L O V E our Young Living Essential Oils! But, I’m not at all qualified to explain what they are or how to use them… Thankfully my friend Wynne is! Read what she has to say + be encouraged! 


Hey y’all, I’m Wynne and it’s such an honor to be here and share some of my journey with essential oils.  I am so passionate about our families journey to better health, wellness, and emotional stability with oils and would love to share with you what I’ve learned and am learning.

I’ll tell you a little about our oil journey – I’ve used a few oils here and there for about a year, as friends have given them to me and instructed me on how to use them, but honestly y’all – it felt so overwhelming.  I kept saying “next time I have $150 I’m going to go ALL IN on this…” but it took a while.

I’d heard so many great things about how to use essential oils in your home and with your children, to prevent sickness and keep everyone well, and while as a mom that is SUPER important to me, it still felt overwhelming to overhaul my whole “medicine cabinet”.  Enter my good friend of 10+ years, casey wiegand.  She opened my eyes to a whole other benefit of essential oils – using them for ME, and for my health and my womanly needs – oh the dreaded hormones!

She sent me to listen to this amazing webinar called the dragon slayer – addressing women’s health and hormones naturally and after listening, I got on the phone with her the next day and ordered not only my starter kit but a few other oils that were mentioned in this webinar, which is based on a book called taming the dragon within.



I also have being doing research on infertility, which is something we have been struggling with for over 5 years, on this website and am also reading inner transformations using essential oils. I am so early in my research, but finding it very interesting how our hormones [estrogen and progesterone], adrenals, thyroid, liver, colon etc. affect EVERYTHING for us women.

I think the thing I’m learning, is you have to be consistent. These oils aren’t like medicine, where you take them when you are sick – we have to be more preventative and proactive with them!  I may be confessing to be an oil addict already…


I have just been so AMAZED at the power of the oils with my kids too!  With school starting, and Camp + Asher being around new kids, it’s easy to worry about getting the first of the season cold. However, putting a mixture of peppermint/lemon/theives on Camps chest and feet a few times each day we have remained well!

There are some really amazing resources for how to effectively and efficiently use oils for your kids – I’ve loved dog-earing so many pages of gentle babies. I’m going to start putting a drop of Theives oil in a spoonful of honey each morning for the kids as we move into flu season. I ordered these awesome roller’s that I’ve mixed a “allergy bomb” and a “cold” mixture to have on hand for Camp + Asher to rub on their feet and chest daily.


Ultimately y’all, there are SO MANY RESOURCES!  If you are reading this and you are all, “what the heck?  I don’t even know what an essential oil is?”, well we have awesome classes you should check out starting with into to oils.  Casey also has a Facebook group, casey leigh essentials you can join, and the baby steps website has some great content!  My handy-dandy pocket reference guide goes with me pretty much everywhere. You have to do your own research, and make sure you know exactly how to apply the oils.

I promise, once you get into it, it’s not overwhelming anymore – but somewhat addicting.  It’s a LIFESTYLE change, and one we are so happy and encouraged to be on.

panawayIf this is peaking your interest, and you want to know how you can begin to change your families lives – visit my blog here.

Wynne’s testimony is pretty awesome right?! It makes me want to sign up for all the classes and read all the books! Taking my family’s health and well-being into my own hands sounds like a boss thing to do and I’m so excited to get started! 


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