Miami FAQ’s

Yesterday we announced our BIG news and today I’m following up with the most commonly asked questions about said news. Thank you for caring about our family and wanting to know more of what God has planned for us! When are you moving? As soon as we are 90% funded. We are raising all of our own support and are about 25% of the way there. We would love to be in Miami this fall-ish.

How long are you staying? The short answer is we don’t plan on leaving, like ever. At the end of our first year we will get one-month off for discernment to decide if InnerCHANGE and/or Miami are right for our family. In theory, we could move to another location at that time but don’t foresee that happening.

Where exactly in Miami are you moving to? West Coconut Grove. I’ll be sharing more about the Grove tomorrow – it has a rich history as the oldest African-American neighborhood in Florida. READ: Half of our family will be in the minority.

If you’re thinking of the ritzy-Neiman-Marcus-Mercedes-Benz variety of Coconut Grove, we’ll be on the OTHER side of those tracks. Literally.

Is it safe? That depends on your definition of safety.

We are not naive and realize the statistical dangers of moving into an at-risk neighborhood. We intend to be wise and prayerful as we mitigate those dangers but please hear me, I am more afraid of my children growing up in privileged middle class affluence where there is no obvious need for God than I am of them seeing a drug deal on the corner. More on this Thursday.

Why Miami?/Why not Africa? InnerCHANGE has teams all over the world. After deciding InnerCHANGE was a good fit for our family, we began praying about where in the world we should go, taking into consideration we can’t live just anywhere with the needs our kids have/will have.

The simple answer is this: God has not called us to Africa. He’s called us to Miami.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing more about our neighborhood but here’s why we personally chose Coconut Grove:

1.) Our good friends planted the Miami team nine years ago. Many of the logistical questions I had regarding raising a family (particularly one including kids from hard places) on the mission field were answered after a few conversations with our friends.

We believe these logistical inroads to be the Lord lighting our path to Miami.

2.) We also want to be wise stewards of the little people the Lord has/will bless us with. Because our friends and team have established, trusted relationships with their neighbors, we can move in under their safety “umbrella”, so-to-speak.

3.) Also noteworthy: our friends have been praying for another family for over eight years. (Not coincidentally since the time William and I got married.)

What do your kids think? They are excited about being close to the beach and being able to catch lizards. They’re kids after all. They are still processing what it means to be a “missionary”.

Just last week we were out hiking and stopped for a snack. We talked about why we are moving to Miami and a little while later another hiker passed our picnic table. Malachi yelled out “Do you know Jesus?!”

While that’s not exactly what we had in mind, we’re thankful their little minds are pondering on it and we believe The Lord is preparing them for the work we will do as a family in the Grove.

We know moving into an at-risk neighborhood will require us to VERY intentionally parent our kids. We know it will not be easy but we believe it worth it to show them God loves the least of these and they are worth risking our comfort.

What about Glory? Glory can home to wherever “home” is when her adoption is finalized. In an ideal world, she would come home to Louisville and we would have time to settle in as a family of seven before moving.

We don’t feel God leading us to stay put until she is home and, given that our adoption has taken over five years up to this point, it doesn’t seem logical either.

{If you have general who is called to be a missionary, what does it mean, how do you know, etc. type questions I HIGHLY recommend the Life. On a Mission. series from my blogger friend Kerri. She does a beautiful job answering those questions and more.}

Do you have other questions? Please leave them in the comments!



  1. GIRL! I’ve been thinking about this so much since you shared your news yesterday. I honestly don’t know if anything is going to come from it but I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming about doing this very thing in LA lately. I’m feeling very burnt out from the adoption wait and feel so ready to continue on with life. It’s so funny though because I was always sure if we became missionaries it would for sure be in Africa but now I feel like God lead us to Africa for our adoption but is leading us somewhere else for the missions aspect. Once again, I can’t wait to hear more! :)

    • Lindsy Wallace June 10, 2014

      That’s awesome Chantel! Yes, it’s sometimes hard to move forward in other areas of life when adoption is always pending. And when your heart bleeds for Africa. You should check out the InnerCHANGE site – there’s an LA team;-)

  2. Katie Shannon June 10, 2014

    I love your simple answer: God called you!!!
    So excited for God to work through your family for the people of Miami

    • Lindsy Wallace June 10, 2014

      Thank you Katie! We’re excited too;-)

  3. meg pitts June 10, 2014

    LOVE your answer to “Is it safe?”

    • Lindsy Wallace June 10, 2014

      Thanks Meg. That’s a tough one to navigate.

  4. Kerrie Williams June 15, 2014

    ok so I saw your site as a traffic source and want to say thank you for linking to my series! Whats weird is I had read this post but somehow totally looked over the last paragraph. haha. So excited for y’all!


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